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AdaptDx Pro

The AdaptDx Pro is an automated dark adaptometer that offers the ophthalmic industry a wearable test device that benefit patients by early detection of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The wearable device is powered by a digital assistant named Theia which guides the testing and interacts with patients using voice prompts driven by artificial intelligence. A personalized testing environment is achieved with adjustable padded head straps and flexible eye cups that ensure a light-tight seal. Internally, a camera guided positioning system aligns optics for testing.

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Magnesium Alloy

The Controllable Hydro Reactive Magnesium Alloy has been launched in the market and cooperated with medical equipment manufacturers and medical institutions, which not only accelerates the development of the application of biomaterial industry but also provides new choices in treatment.The Degradable Magnesium Alloy Blood Vessel Clamp is a biodegradable medical material, there is no need to operate another surgery to take it out.The Degradable Magnesium Alloy Blood Vessel Clamp is in accordance with ISO10993 test specification and has passed the biological toxicity, irritation, and allergy.

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Burning Lift

In today's market, technology driven design differentiation through personalization is critical to product competitiveness. Beauty medical device products need to be able to give users a future oriented feel in terms of added value. It is a smart home care product that makes easy for the general user to perform skin procedures. Designed with feature optimization and refined detail, it's a new challenge that will satisfy both producers and consumers.

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Stellar M22

Stellar M22 is a multi-application platform for aesthetic treatments. It enables you to safely and effectively treat different indications in different skin types, age, and gender, without the need for disposables. With four technologies in one platform, you can treat over 30 skin conditions and hair removal. Stellar M22 is a powerful modular multi-application platform, inspired by the brightest constellation in the sky.

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Gait Analysis Robot

The robot track a subject and send walking analysis data to cloud database, enables measurement of even more items than before, and develops services as big data useful for medical care, rehabilitation, health maintenance and etc. It will be able to help early detection and prevention of diseases. It's a project that developing a system include the robot to perform accurate walking motion analysis widely and inexpensively, which could only be done with an expensive motion capture system.

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Kidney Assist Transporter

The main purpose of the project was to develop a system that offers oxygenated machine perfusion at all different timepoints in the organ donation pathway: during preconditioning, preservation and reconditioning. The design challenge was to make the product suitable for all these different situations. Sturdy and safe during transport. Logical and intuitive during installation and operation. Sterile. Sustainable. Special attention was paid to the design of the user experience, delivering feedback during the perfusion process. The iconic visual appearance ensures professional brand recognition.

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