Light by Luca Matta

Luca Matta Designs The Light Game Light

Luca Matta, the maker of the highlighted design LIGHT by Luca Matta illustrates, memories, fun and games are the strong points of "light game". "light game" is a toy that long ago children made with a piece of paper, which childre <Cropped>

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Why Nonscientific Designs Wins Design Awards?

Learn and Reflect Why Nonscientific Designs Could Potentially Win Design Awards in This Brief Article About Judging Design Competitions and Contests

There are many reasons why a design competition judges are likely to select poor designs. Firstly, the jury analyzes the designs much more than prospective customers, in some cases designs that do not look very good could actually be selected because <Cropped>

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Toko Sano's Life Style Design The Function For People to Dream

Toko Sano Presents The Life Style Design The Function For People to Dream

Toko Sano, the maker of the highlighted project The function for people to dream :life style design by Toko Sano spells out, This product gives us having a extraordinary thought for life style. I focused on "AGE OF INSOMNIA" WE NEED MORE <Cropped>

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Lumion Visualization Competition 2014

Lumion: Kids Can Win $30, 000 Cash! Use Lumion to Create The Best Architectural Video You Can and Win!

Lumion: kids can win $30,000 cash! use lumion to create the best architectural video you can and win!.

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Office Small Scale by Helen Brasinika

Helen Brasinika Discloses The Conceptual Minimalism Office Small Scale

Helen Brasinika, the lead designer of the displayed work Conceptual Minimalism - Office Small Scale by Helen Brasinika explains, The interior design is striped to an aesthetic, yet not functional minimalism. The open plan space is emphasized by clea <Cropped>

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Communication Design

Confessions On Designing a Successful Communication

Have an excellent product or idea but you are unable to communicate it clearly? Happens to best of us, here are some successful and tried tips on how to get your direct communications responded and prospective leads converted: A) To get it open you <Cropped>

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Victor a. Syrnev's The Sunshine The Brooch

Victor a. Syrnev Portrays The The Sunshine The Brooch

Victor A. Syrnev, the creator of the award winning design Victor A. Syrnev's The Sunshine The Brooch explains, Feature of this jewelry is that here used a large stone complex shape which is set to invisible (air) frame. Jewelry Design view opens <Cropped>

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Ceramic Happy Desk

Small Ceramic Objects to Put On Office or Home Work Desksarta Ceramica, Mexican Artisan Enterprise, Is Looking For Small Ceramic Objects. Items Should Be Functional For Work Desks and Able to Get a Smile, Even On The Most Stressful Workdays. Timeline

Small ceramic objects to put on office or home work desksArta ceramica, mexican artisan enterprise, is looking for small ceramic objects. items should be functional for work desks and able to get a smile, even on the most stressful workdays. time <Cropped>

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Viforion by Ahmed Khaled-Ashraf Sami-Mohamed Mamdouh

Ahmed Khaled-Ashraf Sami-Mohamed Mamdouh Demonstrates The Viforion Transportation Hub

Ahmed Khaled-Ashraf Sami-Mohamed Mamdouh, the lead designer of the highlighted project Transportation HUB by Ahmed Khaled-Ashraf Sami-Mohamed Mamdouh points out, The project is a Transportation HUB that links the surrounding urban settlements to the <Cropped>

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Screw Chair-Multifunctional Furniture by Arash Shojaee

Arash Shojaee Presents The Screw Chair Multifunctional Furniture

Arash Shojaee, the lead designer of the award winning project Multifunctional Furniture by Arash Shojaee explains, In nowadays' venturesome life the middle class and the low income part of the society is under the most economical pressure and th <Cropped>

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