Aija Priede-Sietina and Daneks Sietins's Bird&berry Collection Baby Furniture

Aija Priede-Sietina and Daneks Sietins Spotlights The Bird&berry Collection Baby Furniture

Aija Priede-Sietina And Daneks Sietins, the lead designer of the displayed project bird&berry collection - baby furniture by Aija Priede-Sietina And Daneks Sietins points out, With bird&berry collection we tried to find a balance between pare <Cropped>

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Logo Design Brief

Graphic Designers Must Ask These Twenty Logo Design Questions to Their Design Clients to Design The Most Appropriate Logo

Brand Name (Logo Wording) as it should appear in logo: This is the name that would be used in the logo graphic, if this is a multilingual logo project, please provide multiple names. It is important to clearly write the Brand Name. The Brand Name sho <Cropped>

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Free Design Competitions

Free Could Mean a Sense of Freedom, Lack of Requirement, No Payment or Cheapness. Here Are The Four Types of Free Design Competitions and How to Find Them

At Design Competition list at you will be given thousand different design awards, competitions and contests, among them some are free(1), and some others are free(2), free(3) or free(4) : Here is what I mean: Some are free(1) <Cropped>

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Gustavo Piqueira's Brazilian Cliches Book

Gustavo Piqueira Demonstrates The Brazilian Cliches Book

Gustavo Piqueira, the creative mind behind the displayed work Award Winning Brazilian Cliches Book points out, Composed exclusively from images of a catalogue of Brazilian letterpress cliches from the beginning of the 20th century, the book's ir <Cropped>

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Fast Food Restaurant by J. Candice Interior Architects

J. Candice Interior Architects Designs The Super Super Congee and Noodles Fast Food Restaurant

J. Candice Interior Architects, the thinktank behind the displayed project Fast Food Restaurant by J. Candice Interior Architects illustrates, The core idea is to breakaway from the conventional business idea and interior design of Chinese congee res <Cropped>

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Latest Design Competitions

Are You Looking For The Latest Design Competitions, Contests and Awards, If Your Answer Is Yes, The Competition Alerts Website Is Where You Must Go

The Competition Alerts webpage, lists all the new and upcoming design competitions and contests around the world. You will have a chance to join the competitions earlier and prepare in advance so that you could submit the best design. The list of des <Cropped>

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180º North East-Novel by Daniel Kutcher

Daniel Kutcher Spotlights The 180º North East Novel

Daniel Kutcher, the author of the awarded project Daniel Kutcher's 180º North East Novel spells out, "180º North East" is a 90,000 word adventure narrative. It tells the true story of the journey Daniel Kutcher made through Australia <Cropped>

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2015 Better Philadelphia Challenge: The Future of Petty Island

This Annual Competition (formerly The Ed Bacon Student Design Competition) Challenges University-level Students From Around The World to Address Real-world Urban Design Issues in Philadelphia That Have Application Not Only to Our City, But to Urban Center

This annual competition (formerly the ed bacon student design competition) challenges university-level students from around the world to address real-world urban design issues in philadelphia that have application not only to our city, but to urban c <Cropped>

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Professional Design Award

Push The Boundaries of Your Design Business Further by Backing It Up With a Prime Design Award

There are many types of design awards organized by professional award organizations, governments, institutions, design associations, companies and the media. Among all these design award competitions, the A’ Design Award and Competition (A-Prime) t <Cropped>

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House & Prayer Room:meditation House by Mz Architects

Mz Architects Illustrates The Meditation House House & Prayer Room

MZ Architects, the author of the awarded work House & Prayer Room:Meditation House by MZ Architects explains, The Meditation House is a place of contemplation and retreat blending into its natural rocky surrounding. Like a giant fallen rock nestl <Cropped>

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