World Design Hub 2015

Dublin, Ireland Has Been Named World Design Hub 2015

Dublin, Ireland was designated as World Design Hub 2015. In summary, this means a series of design events and activities to be held in Dublin and Ireland. Activities such as design exhibitions, conferences, workshops, symposiums, and awards will be a <Cropped>

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Dimdim by Lisse Van Cauwenberge

Lisse Van Cauwenberge Demonstrates The Dimdim Cradle, Rocking Chairs

Lisse Van Cauwenberge, the designer of the displayed work Award Winning Dimdim Cradle, rocking chairs explains, Lisse Van Cauwenberge created this one of a kind multi-functional solution that serves as a rocking chair and also as cradle when two Dimd <Cropped>

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Design Business Awards

It Is Your Opportunity to Highlight Your Products and Projects With Great Design Content Via Design Excellence Awards and Design Business Awards

Are you a professional designer, artist or architect working for an enterprise or are you representing a design oriented product manufacturer or service supplier? If so, the A’ Design Competition are looking forward to seeing your application for t <Cropped>

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Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review

This Is a Review of The Interior Design Book Room Released by Phaidon

Quick summary: It is a big coffee book with lots of images of good looking interior designs, curated by 10 editors, suggested for any interior designers who want to have a heavy yet beautiful book to get inspiration. Some pages contains blueprints or <Cropped>

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Yacht by Mark Norton Menéndez

Mark Norton Menéndez Spotlights The P1-R Prototype Yacht

Mark Norton Menéndez, the project leader of the highlighted work P1-R Prototype - Yacht by Mark Norton Menéndez illustrates, Automotive concepts coupled with offshore racing, combining the need for aerodynamics and aesthetics inspired this project <Cropped>

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Bid For World Design Hub

Applications For World Design Hub Designation Are Open. Apply to Become The Center of World Design to Promote Your City

The International Association of Designers (IAD) announced the launch of the World Design Hub (WDH) application cycle for the next designation, which will mark a new cycle for this global design awareness initiative. IAD invites representatives of de <Cropped>

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Ajax Law & Virginia Lung's Cine Times Cinema

Ajax Law & Virginia Lung Presents The Cine Times Cinema

Ajax Law & Virginia Lung, the lead designer of the awarded design Ajax Law & Virginia Lung's Cine Times Cinema demonstrates, With the technology advancement, electronic appliances come with more complicated functions and utilities, yet t <Cropped>

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Designers Day Logo Redesign

Become a Design Hero by Designing The Designers Day Logo-An Annual Day Each Year That Celebrates The Design Profession. Think and Illustrate a New Designers’ Day Logo – Graphic Symbol Which Confronts The Following Technical Requirements: 1. The Logo

Become a design hero by designing the designers day logo - an annual day each year that celebrates the design profession. think and illustrate a new designers’ day logo – graphic symbol which confronts the following technical requirements: 1. the <Cropped>

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How a Design Award Is Creating a Better World

Learn How a Design Competition Could Actually Improve Your Quality of Life

There are many philanthropic organizations with almost all of them with a goal of improving the quality of life, conditions of life, human rights, ecology etc. The A (Prime) Design Award and Competition aims to improve the quality of life of citizens <Cropped>

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Aija Priede-Sietina and Daneks Sietins's Bird&berry Collection Baby Furniture

Aija Priede-Sietina and Daneks Sietins Spotlights The Bird&berry Collection Baby Furniture

Aija Priede-Sietina And Daneks Sietins, the lead designer of the displayed project bird&berry collection - baby furniture by Aija Priede-Sietina And Daneks Sietins points out, With bird&berry collection we tried to find a balance between pare <Cropped>

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