Techo by Caxton Chung

Caxton Chung Reveals The Techo Calendar

Caxton Chung, the author of the highlighted design Calendar by Caxton Chung explicates, “Techo” means “notebook” in Japanese, which brings out the unique properties of this calendar. With its foldable structure, this design can function as bo <Cropped>

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Packaging by Pet Engineering

Pet Engineering Exhibits The Fontevita Packaging

PET Engineering, the architect of the award winning work Packaging:FonteVita by PET Engineering demonstrates, FonteVita redefines the boundaries of premiumness for the horeca sector not with a glass packaging but with a plastic one through a eye-catc <Cropped>

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2020 Typography Competition

Our Juried Competition Celebrates The Best Use of Typography as The Primary Visual Element in Design and Advertising, Plus New Typeface Designs, Calligraphy and Hand Lettering. 2020 Typography Competition Deadline: September 06, 2019 Our Juried Compet

Our juried competition celebrates the best use of typography as the primary visual element in design and advertising, plus new typeface designs, calligraphy and hand lettering. 2020 typography competition deadline: september 06, 2019 our juried c <Cropped>

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Award Winning Nico Baby Cot

German Jauregui Presents The Nico Baby Cot

German Jauregui, the maker of the award winning project Baby cot by German Jauregui demonstrates, Inspired by the birth of his own son, the designer of the NICO Cot has moulded together creativity and functionality to produce a piece of furniture tha <Cropped>

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Battery:erook Compact by Javier Zorrilla Diaz

Javier Zorrilla Diaz Creates The Erook Compact Battery

JAVIER ZORRILLA DIAZ, the author of the award winning work eRook Compact - Battery by JAVIER ZORRILLA DIAZ explains, - Erook compact is a flexible, scalable and secure energy storage solution for self-consumption, with Ion-Lithium LFP technology. Its <Cropped>

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W Doha Hotel & Residences by Mz Architects

Mz Architects Shows The W Doha Hotel & Residences Hotel & Residences

MZ Architects, the creator of the highlighted design Award Winning W Doha Hotel & Residences Hotel & Residences explicates, W Doha Hotel & Residences is located in the heart of Doha, with lifestyle driven design & high-energy interior <Cropped>

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Floral Pavilion-Permanent Pavilion by Daydreamers Design

Daydreamers Design Presents The Floral Pavilion Permanent Pavilion

Daydreamers Design, the architect of the award winning work Permanent Pavilion:Floral Pavilion by Daydreamers Design demonstrates, The inspiration of Floral Pavilion came from the Islamic carpet design. An extensive research on the historical and art <Cropped>

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Public Seating by Dening He

Dening He Demonstrates The Manifold Bench Public Seating

Dening He, the project leader of the award winning design Public Seating:Manifold Bench by Dening He explicates, The idea came from the Pacific Northwest that rich in forest resources, so imagine an environmentally friendly, fast production bench wit <Cropped>

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Angledshelf by Kemal Yıldırım

Kemal Yıldırım Shares The Angledshelf Bookshelf

Kemal Yıldırım, the maker of the displayed design Bookshelf by Kemal Yıldırım points out, The design of the bookshelf has angled shelves so that books can stand upright. The angled bookshelf has a high storage capacity, especially for books in <Cropped>

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Dinnerware by Khadine Khan-Parkinson

Khadine Khan-Parkinson Designs The Nouveau Tudor Dinnerware

Khadine Khan-Parkinson, the author of the highlighted project Dinnerware by Khadine Khan-Parkinson demonstrates, A modern monochrome set inspired by elements of Tudor architecture and created by combining traditional making techniques with new desk <Cropped>

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