Lamp by Sergios Fotiadis

Sergios Fotiadis Illustrates The Up-Side-Down Lamp

Sergios Fotiadis, the maker of the awarded design Lamp:Up-Side-Down by Sergios Fotiadis illustrates, The Up-Side-Down lamp is designed to produce ambient light with low energy consumption. By choosing the color of the cable, the Up-Side-Down can suit <Cropped>

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Hustle Hub-Youth Housing Design Competition %u201819: Russia

With Most of The Young Population Working Today to Acquire Basic Security of Livelihood and Not Investing On Their Lives For The Long Term (depreciating Because of The ‘grind’) Due to Various Social Stigmas Associated With Not Owning a Home; Create Th

With most of the young population working today to acquire basic security of livelihood and not investing on their lives for the long term (depreciating because of the ‘grind’) due to various social stigmas associated with not owning a home; crea <Cropped>

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Toy:braille Blocks by Alessandra D'alessio & Alyssa Vani

Alessandra D'alessio & Alyssa Vani Exhibits The Braille Blocks Toy

Alessandra D'Alessio & Alyssa Vani , the lead designer of the displayed project toy:braille blocks by Alessandra D'Alessio & Alyssa Vani demonstrates, Braille blocks is a children’s toy that allows blind or visually impaired to <Cropped>

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Design of Interior Space:iridato Office. Design by Archido. by Vadim Kondrashev, Yury Anikin

Vadim Kondrashev, Yury Anikin Shows The Iridato Office. Design by Archido. Design of Interior Space

Vadim Kondrashev, Yury Anikin, the architect of the highlighted project Award Winning Iridato Office. Design by Archido. Design of interior space demonstrates, This interior-design project is based, above all, on symmetrical alternation and proportio <Cropped>

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Tetris-Residential House by Marcio Kogan & Studiomk27

Marcio Kogan & Studiomk27 Exhibits The Tetris Residential House

Marcio Kogan & studiomk27, the author of the displayed work Tetris - Residential House by Marcio Kogan & studiomk27 explains, A wooden volume in line with the eastern façade – with a little more 2.85m high and19m long – rests within a ce <Cropped>

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Go Home by Tian Zhuang and Xu Ruimin

Tian Zhuang and Xu Ruimin Shows The Go Home Multifunctional Tent

Tian Zhuang and Xu Ruimin, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Tian Zhuang and Xu Ruimin's Go Home Multifunctional tent explicates, Due to war and poverty and other factors, more and more people become homeless and need help, especially wh <Cropped>

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Lamp:idiomi by Nicolò Caruso

Nicolò Caruso Exhibits The Idiomi Lamp

Nicolò Caruso, the maker of the award winning project Lamp by Nicolò Caruso explains, Idiomi; is a lamp in its three dimensions and array of lighting can create different scenarios and enrich the environment with a truly new light. It wishes to be <Cropped>

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Ring of Honour by Tsang-Hsuan Lin

Tsang-Hsuan Lin Reveals The to You Ring of Honour

Tsang-Hsuan Lin, the author of the highlighted project Ring of honour:To You by Tsang-Hsuan Lin explicates, I tried to re-examine the value of the precious through the electronic materials that were available almost everywhere around us but were unno <Cropped>

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Torch T1 Bike Helmet by Nathan Wills

Nathan Wills Portrays The Torch T1 Bike Helmet Bike Helmet

Nathan Wills, the architect of the highlighted design Bike Helmet:Torch T1 Bike Helmet by Nathan Wills demonstrates, The T1 bike helmet is the first bike helmet to have 10 integrated LED lights and rechargeable batteries. The white front and red rear <Cropped>

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Evolving Furniture by Leonid Davydov

Leonid Davydov Demonstrates The Dotdotdot.frame Evolving Furniture

Leonid Davydov, the thinktank behind the displayed work Evolving furniture by Leonid Davydov demonstrates, Homes are growing smaller, so they need lightweight furniture that's versatile. The dotdotdot.frame is the first mobile, customisable fu <Cropped>

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