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Kidney Assist Transporter

The main purpose of the project was to develop a system that offers oxygenated machine perfusion at all different timepoints in the organ donation pathway: during preconditioning, preservation and reconditioning. The design challenge was to make the product suitable for all these different situations. Sturdy and safe during transport. Logical and intuitive during installation and operation. Sterile. Sustainable. Special attention was paid to the design of the user experience, delivering feedback during the perfusion process. The iconic visual appearance ensures professional brand recognition.

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The robot system can automatically locate the osteotomy and avoid the injury to the medullary cavity, soft tissue and bone tissue that may be caused by using intramedullary positioning tools in traditional surgery. Patients with less bleeding, less trauma, postoperative knee function recovery will be faster. At the same time, the robot is combined with the unique internal axis knee prosthesis, force line inaccuracy and joint dislocation caused by the technical problems of conventional surgery.

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Sterilized Band-aids

Sterilized band-aids combine the two steps of disinfection and dressing. Many people are afraid of applying disinfectants to a fresh wound, and their immediate instinct is often to cover it up. This product helps overcome that fear. The band-aid plasters are individually packaged with instructions for use, and so are very easy to apply, even for first-time users.

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Luna ultrasound device is the result of a participatory design process. The design team used feedback to continuously enhance the device. The goal was to develop an ultrasound with a distinct identity to compete with its global competitors while also meeting the Iranian market's needs. Luna's touch control panel makes it possible to customize its interface. Due to its structure, The hardware can be upgraded without having replaced the entire device. Each part can be maintained separately. The probe holders can be shifted over based on the user preferences.

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Zino is a compact, professional-grade, and low-cost ultrasound. The height adjustment mechanism on the control panel was removed to save costs, and the trolley was modified to compensate and make it more useable for a wider range of users. The device can be used continuously due to the air circulation. The design team also aimed to add value through aesthetic innovation. The probe's transducers were moved to the back, making it easier to manage and giving it a neater look. While the zino aesthetic design is distinctive among other products, it follows the principle of form following function.

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IC100 Mobile 3D X-Ray Fluoroscope

The portable X-Ray device captures video, still images and 3D imaging during surgery. First ever highly integrated, all in one 3D C-Arm solution, saving operating room space, easier to operate and transport. Oversized C-ring opening fits more surgical scenarios. Smart-Link technology opens up interactions with surgical robots, booming efficiency with 73 percent workflow deduction compared to the existing flow. Next-gen CMOS detector and unique algorithm allows high image quality at low doses. Stand-alone image console allows remote exposure, greatly radiation damage to medical staff.

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