Yang's Shenzhen Hui Hotel Boutique Hotel

Yang Demonstrates The Shenzhen Hui Hotel Boutique Hotel

YANG, the author of the displayed work Award Winning Shenzhen Hui Hotel Boutique Hotel spells out, As one of the most representative characters in China's traditional culture, "Hui", whose ancient writing resembles a vortex, means to swirl and return. It is the most essential desire among Chinese people's traditional humanistic feelings—however long the journey is, they always wish to return home and go back to their true selves. YANG was inspired by the “Hui” spirit and took “Hui” as the name of the hotel, hoping to make urban life return to its original state, nature return to city, love return home and eventually all the perceptions come into life in this artistic space..

Yang's Shenzhen Hui Hotel Boutique Hotel Images:

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